The Asian Hot Pot That Is America

This dragon thinks it’s really cool how Asian culture has co-mingled so much into every day mainstream life in America, the current lair of the dragon, where people love us dragons…

Martial Arts DragonToday in America, many of us practice yoga and meditation for stress management. (In fact, most fitness centers now carry yoga classes.) Martial arts and Tai Chi have also become popular activities for many.

In the area of alternative medicine, more and more of us are turning to Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and Oriental therapies for health and well-being, and most people have heard of Deepak Chopra, the “poet-prophet of alternative medicine.” (This dragon turns to acupuncture when its scales get too scaly or its flames start to sputter, especially since many health insurance companies now cover acupuncture!)

In the area of food (one of this dragon’s favorite topics), almost every city in America has Chinese takeout and most of us are experts in using chopsticks. (I confess that I still have problems with burning up chopsticks when I exhale when eating.) Many of us love Asian tea and dim sum, regularly eat rice, and speak sushi fluently.

For entertainment, many of us grew up watching Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Ninja Turtles! I for one especially loved the Chinese movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. (Go dragons! In 2000, this was highest-grossing foreign-language film in American history.) Toyotas, Hondas, and Nissans, and Sony, Panasonic, and tons of other Asian products are abundant on freeways and in most American households. (Flying with your own wings is still the best way to get around! Low cost, fast, fueled by dim sum and sushi!)

Today, we check feng shui when buying and decorating our homes and some of us even consult Chinese astrology before selecting a date to get married. (I always make sure I’m not sleeping in the coffin position, in whatever cave I inhabit!) I could go on and on about how Asian cultures have merged into daily American life but that might even surpass my lifespan in time! Of course, my favorite of all Asian culture co-mingling is how much us dragons are loved today! We’re revered and celebrated in martial arts, festivals, and even on people’s skins!

So… what’s your favorite Asian culture co-mingling? Please share it here!

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