Terracotta Soldiers Come to Life in US

Qin's Eternal ArmyWay cool! This dragon recently flew over to see the new exhibit “Terra Cotta Warriors: Guardians of China’s First Emperor” at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC. How rad is it to come face to face with Emperor Qin Shihuang’s life-sized eternal army. (I last saw these when my pal the emperor was just getting started on this massive project.)

I met the dear emperor in my younger days (around 250 B.C.), as he was starting to plan for his afterlife.

You see death was perceived as a prolongation of life, and an emperor’s mausoleum was his afterlife palace, mirroring the magnificence of his palatial life on earth. As an old Chinese saying instructs, “treat death as life.”

It was natural then for emperors plagues by war to make their tombs battle ready. In the early days , it was customary to put the servants of a king to death so that they might serve him in the afterlife, but human sacrifice was less common by the time of Qin’s death. Rather than sacrifice an entire army, my pal Qin decided to bury himself with a symbolic force of detailed, life-sized, terracotta soldiers and horses assembled to protect him in the next world. (Just more humane though the people that constructed this army might not think so!)

I missed the discovery in 1974 when these awesome warriors were found by a local farmer digging a well so I’m glad I can now see the finished product!

These dudes look so vibrant, almost alive! And I didn’t have to fly to Xian to see them! (Still a bit bloated from my Halloween eats so Washington DC is so much closer!)

Check them for yourself if you have a chance!

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