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Feng Shui: Myth or Truth

Wow! This dragon tried out some of the suggestions in the Feng Shui: Myth of Truth article and got some amazing results! As a growing dragon that eats a lot, I needed more income so I could buy more food. (Eating cows from farm pastures has been frowned upon and the farmers have taken to shooting at me when I even fly near their farm.) So I tried putting red under my business phone. In my case, I put it in the back of my cell phone case since I roam a lot and only have one phone. (I’m also partial to red since it reminds me of fire and truly complements my jade “dragonness “.)


Prior to doing that I was having a bad run on luck, tying up lots of money in losing stock trades. The day after placing the red under my phone the stock market picked up steam. In fact yesterday the Dow went over 10,000 for the first time in a long time. That’s one powerful piece of red paper! And I’ve been meeting my goal to make 20 cows per week in the stock market ever since I added the red to my phone.travelhorse

I loaned a horse statue to my friend who has been trying to sell his house for over half a year. Unfortunately I told him placing his horse in his travel position would either sell his house or help him travel soon. Since then he’s going on one trip and two more fell into his lap without any effort! (He may yet sell his house but at least will be going to three fun places while he’s waiting!) Since he’s kind of broke, I also gave him a desert rose succulent to put near his front door. (Another dragon had placed one near the front of the cave after hearing that plants with purple rounded leaves would bring prosperity when placed at the front door.) My friend repotted the plant and placed it outside the door just the day before the stock market went over 10,000! (He also dabbles in the stock market!)

Stay tuned as to what else comes about with the addition of this plant…

Try out the red paper or potted plant and let me know how it goes!