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Asian Treat or Trick?

This dragon went trick-or-treating around Asia the other day since eating cow was getting boring. Got to try some very odd foods. Still not sure if those were tricks or treats, as I’ve had bad belching and gas ever since! (Fried a pasture of bushes around me so got to get some anti-acid soon!)

Balut grossIn the Philippines, I’d heard of this delicacy called balut. After seeing these partially developed chicken embryos served out directly out of their eggs, I changed my mind about being hungry. They looked a little too much like baby dragons to me. Though I’m carnivorous, I’m not cannibalistic! (And I gave up eating road kill a while back after moving to America. Balut fans eat balut like we eat chicken nuggets! Bleck!)

bat stewMoving on, I was ravenous by the time I landed in Thailand. While wandering the streets, I discovered bat stew. Didn’t care so much for it since it took me two days to get the bones unstuck from my teeth. Also, after eating 20 bowls,  I was still hungry!

weasel coffeeSo I hopped over to Japan, where I decided I needed some caffeine to give me some much-needed pep. I came upon some very tasty coffee. After gulping down 10 gallons of Kopi Luwak, I discovered the secret ingredient: weasel poop! It’s made from coffee berries eaten, partially digested, and then pooped out by cute Asian weasels—and priced at $120 per pound! (After getting over the grossness factor, I thought I might want to buy some more of this coffee. I was happy to find it on Amazon!)

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