Red Paper Feng Shui Success in Cancun

Sun Palace Beach Fire Show

After placing a horse in my travel position, this dragon was blessed with a trip to Cancun. Though I took my Blackberry phone with the red paper behind it and never turned it on, the red paper and phone still performed its magic! (See my earlier article on the wonders of red paper behind your business phone.)

Red Paper and Blackberry in CancunWith Blackberry in claw, I started out in a rustic, mosquito-ridden hotel room on the island of Isla Mujeres and soon manifested a major “free” upgrade by moving to Sun Palace, an all-inclusive resort on the hotel zone.

I ended up in a suite big enough for this dragon, including a huge in-room jacuzzi, ocean view, and awesome fire show on the beach! I got massaged, “facialed,” seaweed wrapped, and manicured as part of the package deal! (My scales have never felt or looked better!)

All food, drinks, and most tours were included and free after we joined the royal membership of Palace Resorts. (While there, I had steak almost every day, till I couldn’t take any more! And I thoroughly devoured six-course Italian dinners for two nights. Alka Seltzer time!)

Me Flying over Chichen Itza

On the tour to Chichen Itza I loved  flying over the main temple, that is until I realized this was where hearts were once cut out of sacrifices! It was kind of creepy. (I myself prefer that my sacrifices [aka food] not suffer. It’s not polite to play with your food you know.)

On my last day in this luscious resort, I launched off the room balcony to cruise over the ocean at sunrise! Ah, freedom! Check out the view below!

I later found out that Sun Palace is number 3 in Trip Advisor for Cancun. It was number one in my book!

If you and your honey would like to go to Sun Palace or another Palace all-inclusive, drop me a line for a very cool discounted rate! (You can have this sensational holiday for under $2000 for two people [or dragons]! Be prepared to be treated like royalty with no worries beyond deciding between steak, shrimp, lobster… pina colada, strawberry margarita, mint julep… Chichen Itza, Tulum, Isla Mujeres…)

Ah, paradise…

Sunrise from the balcony

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