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The app is free and ad-supported, with an in-app purchase disabling advertising. FullReader is an all-in-one Android ebook reader, supporting numerous formats, such as epub, PDF, CBR and CBZ, as well as office files like RTF, .doc, .docx and even MP3s . Battery life – In general, e-readers have stellar battery lives. Because the screens take up dramatically less power than smartphones or tablets, they can go days or even weeks without a charge. Some Kindles claim a whopping eight weeks of reading time , so if you’re forgetful when it comes to charging, you’ll be set. If you’re an on-the-go reader who doesn’t hesitate to toss your e-reader in your tote, you’ll also love the fact that the Fire 7 is highly durable.

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Amazon’s Fire 7 is so much more than just an e-reader – it’s also a full-fledged tablet equipped with Alexa. While you might not need all of its bells and whistles, there are plenty of features that make this device attractive to avid readers. You know you have a favorable quality e-reader when there is an immense amount of storage space available and long-lasting battery life. This lightweight Kindle is affordable, supplies 4GB of storage, and has a battery that takes a while to deplete. It is a perfect model for reading while on the go or at home. Owning one of the best e-readers is a must for any avid reader.

You’ll also find numerous format tweaks ranging from text justification, to paragraph indentation and spacing. Marvin comes with a solid set of organizing tools, allowing you to sort into collections, choose from list or cover views, collection sorting and more. It also supports iOS features like Split View on the iPad.

Moon+ Reader is a nifty Android e-book reader app known for its highly customizable interface. While it may not come with a dedicated marketplace, Moon+’s UI makes it stand out from the pack. You can set font styles and sizes, backgrounds, spacing, paging modes, autoscroll, multiple view modes and more. The app is free, but a pro version is also available to remove ads and add PDF support, as well as other extra features. If you already have a sizable e-book collection and are just looking for an Android app to read with, then consider Moon+ for your e-book reading needs.

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The best e-readers allow you to view any book in your collection with ease. With an e-reader, you never have to guess which page you’re on! You can also store all of your books in one compact device, you can read in any type of lighting environment, and more! Dave, any way of using this tool and having the reviewers leave a verified softwear download free review and still comply with the Amazon TOS? Or is the number of reviews (say unverified reviews) enough to push the book forward and the sales will follow after that? BUM, be aware that paid reviews are against Amazon TOS. If you Google book reviewers, you WILL find folks that will do free reviews for specific genres.

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The indication that you’re on page x of y is great if you remember the chapter otherwise it doesn’t help all that much. The only problem I have with it is that returning material early after reading is terribly convoluted and explained very poorly.

KyBook 3 is one of the best ebooks apps because this all-in-one e-reader supports DRM-free formats like epub, RTF, DJVU, PDF, CBR and CBZ. Whether you’re looking to read poetry or prose, comicbooks or RPG rules, KyBook’s likely to do an OK job. The reader itself is clear and easy to navigate, with access to bookmarks, the table of contents, text-to-speech, and the ability to make notes and annotations.

I cannot begin to tell you how much time and money I have saved by downloading this. I now borrow books from the library instead of purchasing them. Yes, selection is sometimes limited but if I must have a certain title I can purchase it. I am still learning the ins and outs and shortcuts but I use it almost daily. Marvin is a feature-packed and extremely configurable iOS reader app for DRM-free EPUB files; it also supports CBZ and CBR comics. As a reader, Marvin comes packed with great reading features, from a variety of fonts , a night mode and customizable themes, highlighting, annotation and dictionary tools.


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