Homeschool Writing Online for High School – Essential Writing 2: Paragraphs and Essays

hi I’m Aaron the master teacher for Aquinas writing advantage in course designer for the high school essential writing two paragraphs and essays course welcome to homeschool connections writing is one of those skills that you and I can always keep improving on in fact most of us don’t know what we don’t know that means we can think that we’re pretty good writers when in reality there are always ways that we can change our writing to make our writing more clear and powerful essential writing two paragraphs and essays is a course for all high school students to make sure that your critical high school writing foundations are in place you know everything that you and I write is based on well-crafted sentences and paragraphs every essay or paper for school is made up of sentences and paragraphs every article and even every book is made up of sentences and paragraphs there’s something amazing that can happen to our writing when we learn how to craft dynamic sentences to take care of that micro level of writing and make our writing clean and clear at its base this course goes over the absolute must have knowledge review and practice at the sentence paragraph and essay level will briefly review the use of nouns verbs adjectives adverbs prepositions and prepositional phrases and compound sentence structures to make sure that you didn’t miss or forget anything we’ll talk about linear writing and transitions and connectives will go over the use of quoted material and how to write summary and paraphrase which by the way is a critical skill for upper-level writing and we’ll go over answering essay questions with sound structure form and content even if your student has learned foundational concepts before they approach in this class is to use high school vocabulary and structures that are more complex and needed for upper-level writing from mastering the details that are holding your student back from writing well to providing much needed practice this course can help your student perfect the essential tools for successful writing so go ahead and check out the class and sign up we’ll see you there


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