Biorock Coral Restoration in Bali

While snorkeling in Permuteran in northeastern Bali, I noticed these strange metal cages under the water. How strange to see coral growing out of these cages! What were these strange structures?

Later I found out they were part the Biorock Coral Restoration project. The Biorock method uses safe low-voltage electrical currents to grow natural limestone rock out of the sea on steel structures of any size or shape. This provides the nursery for the birth of baby coral.

These coral grow faster, better withstand stress, and better recover from physical damage. Within a few years, coral reefs grown with the Biorock method can revive and turn eroding beaches into growing beaches with improved water quality.

Over fifty-six Biorock coral nursery structures were installed since June 2000 in Permuteran, a village in northwest Bali, Indonesia. With a total length of 500 meters situated in an area of 2 hectares, this is the largest Biorock coral reef nursery and restoration project worldwide, exceeding the combined sizes of all other projects in the Pacific, Caribbean, and Indian Ocean.

Of the 793 species of coral in the world, Indonesia, consisting of more than 17,500 islands, has over 581 species in its waters. Indonesia’s coral reefs cover more than 85,700 square kilometers, equal to 14% of the world’s coral reef area. Unfortunately only 6% are in healthy condition due to damage caused by destructive fishing methods, uncontrolled tourism, weather, and pollution.

Damaged coral reefs take years to recover naturally. Because of these rapidly increasing global stresses, many coral reefs cannot recover naturally, as they could in the past.

Bali’s coral reefs have been severely damaged in recent years due to bombs and cyanide used by farmers, abnormally high water temperatures linked to global warming, and stresses such as anchor and diver damage, reef harvesting, dredging, and increase storm wave intensity.

If not for the Biorock project, today many of Bali’s coral reefs would be jeopardy and not the thriving underwater paradises enjoyed by so many.

Thank you Biorock for creating such a gorgeous waterscape in Bali.

I truly enjoyed snorkeling in your creation. The brilliant colors and diversity in fish and coral were truly spectacular. Gratitude to your efforts in helping to restore beauty and balance to the waters in Bali!

To support the wonderful efforts of Biorock, sponsor a baby coral by going to

(What a cute idea to have a baby coral planted for you with your name attached, with a picture of your coral sent to you after a year of growth!)

For more information on this project, go to the  Global Coral Reef Alliance.

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