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Many believe it to be an undeniable part of the aging process, especially in the later stages of an ever increasing longevity (Kravitz, Schmeidler, & Beeri, 2012). However, age-related cognitive changes may vary across cognitive domains . Functions such as working memory and processing speed tend to decline over the life span whereas semantic memory and knowledge start declining mainly in later life (Hedden & Gabrieli, 2004).

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In the cryptic crossword, a British import that was given a foothold in this country mainly by the composer, lyricist and puzzle whiz Stephen Sondheim, each individual clue is like a stand-alone miniature puzzle. Until last month, the liberal magazine The Nation published a regular cryptic crossword co-constructed by Berkeley math educator Henri Picciotto and me, which has since gone independent. The site, where a rotating corps of writers take stock of that day’s puzzle offerings in multiple venues, began in 2004 out of Reynaldo’s desire to talk about the New York Times puzzle in real time. And wherever there is a range of creative activity, it’s a natural human response to want to discuss, analyze and criticize the results. Hence, crossword blogs — of which the leading example is Diary of a Crossword Fiend, an online water cooler for puzzlers founded by Chicago puzzle editor Amy Reynaldo.

Study of the association between cognitive activities and subsequent cognitive performance among nonimpaired community-dwelling older adults is not widely reported. However, some investigators claim that the ACTIVE trials find improvements mainly in the trained tasks (Park & Bischof, 2013; Park, Gutchess, Meade, & Stine-Morrow, 2007). Research generally supports the notion of an association between cognitive activities and cognitive performance in late life.

If it seems as though puzzles are having a little moment in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not entirely wrong. Guardian puzzles have been online since 1999, helping its cryptic to become one of the most popular cryptic puzzles in the world.

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  • Reviewers describing issues with log in and other functions were contacted by the Smiling Mind support team and a fix seems to have been rolled out in January 2020 addressing most of the reported function issues.
  • Psychologists were also highly involved in the development of the app as well as the curriculum and vision for Smiling Mind.
  • Research with schools to evaluate the interventions across age ranges is ongoing.
  • Around 3,000 reviews in the United States averaging 4.3/5 stars.

The study documents that CSLAs constitute a potential source for the delay or reduction of cognitive decline, regardless of one’s age. As such, practitioners should recognize the value of this Adobe Photoshop 7 for Windows 7 medium and encourage its greater use in appropriate settings. She noted research that foundcognitive engagement in old age can be a buffer from decline. She also citedresearch Trusted Source that found that poorer cognitive function can cause a reduction in lifestyle including social activities.


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